My Name is Greco

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My first lick of HTML has been written

For myspace, of course. Amazingly, I found this snippet on harddrive's backup's backup's backup.

    <style type="text/css">
  • body{background-color:white;}
  • Table, Td{background-color:transparent; }
  • .Main{ position:absolute;left:79.75%; top:125px; width:800px; z-index:1; margin-left:-800px; padding:0px; border:0px; background-color:transparent;}
  • .comments{visibility:hidden;display:none;}
  • div.hll {overflow:hidden;height:120px;}
  • </style>


I create my first GIF


BA in Communication,
at Tulane University

Starting in the architecture school at Tulane University, I decided the physics and engineering aspects weren't for me. I settled with a minor in Architecture and finished with a BA in Communication.


Moved to NYC


TAAG, Jr Associate

Working within Google's Doubleclick for Advertisers an DCM, I specialized in digital ad trafficking, specifically on the Procter & Gamble account. Specific tasks included, but not limited to, creative asset management, quality assurance, and technical troubleshooting.


Campaign Manager, Dir.

Led strategic recommendations for campaign setup that delivered clear reporting and performance outputs against client goals.


Technical Project Manager

When the project management department was being formed, I was selected as the only internal employee to come on board. Role comprised of translating client objectives into tangible requirements for in-house producers and developers, as a part of managing scope, timelines, budgets, and resources through the lifecycle of a project.


Technical Project Manager, Sr.

Managed the national Flashtalking team of TPMs, standardizing workflows and generating tools for resource management, SOWs, budget tracking, and task automation.


Dir. of Creative Services, East

Having shown promise as the lead TPM, Flashtalking promoted me to manage the creative services team in NYC and oversee projects pertaining to high-profile clientele.


Dir. of Creative Services, East & Central

Promoted to oversee East and Central creative services departments at FT. Operational responsibilities were mainly comprised of managing teams and workflows encompossing production of HTML5, VPAID, and VAST units for client-contracted work.




About Me

So you know my name, but who am I?

  • I am a project manager.

Forever curious, I've learned a little bit about a lot & the little bit I know a lot of, is deeply rooted where my interests and aspirations lie -


    with 16+ years exploring different mediums.

Dabbling with the unkown, I'm no stranger to failure. When I think of my missteps, I wonder 'why... why does this keep happening?'

Then, I think about all of the skills, knowledge, and accomplishments that, over time, have grown to become second nature. Then, I think about all of the skills, knowledge, and accomplishments that, over time, have grown to become second nature.

As a result, I've become quite adaptable in adopting new workflows and technolgoies, and I am highly motivated in with new challenges.